Happy 2018 Inglés Málaga!

2017 has been a brilliant year for the Inglés Málaga community.

Incredibly, we represent 173 countries, of which, I am ashamed to say, that until this year, I hadn’t heard of some of them. We have been viewed over 83,000 times and have attracted over 50,000 hits from Spain.

Clients of Málaga Inglés are, without a shadow of a doubt, remarkable people. They are remarkable because they use the acquisition of language to improve their personal and professional lives, as well as the lives of others. Inglés Málaga clients are helping to create a culture which nurtures curiosity, relishes diversity, and encourages debate, dialogue and new ways of thinking. Inglés Málaga clients have achieved a lot in 2017, and they stand out from the crowd because they build bridges while others build walls.

It is an honour and a privilege that you choose to share a piece of your life with me. So, are we ready for a healthy, happy and successful 2018? Yes, we are! I´ll see you when you get over your hangover.

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