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To make an ass of yourself


Science and Technology Idioms


A boffin

Join the European Researchers’ Night! Discover science, meet researchers, and enjoy yourself!

Unfortunately, science still has a reputation for being a specialism for nerdy academic types, who are socially awkward but intellectually gifted.  It´s a field, which disgracefully, is heavily dominated by men, and because the findings of research are never immediate, it is worryingly underfunded and undervalued from both the private and public sectors. In light of this, why not take your family and friends to the European Researchers´ Night on Friday the 29th of September and become a scientist for a day?  Science is for everyone, science rocks!

Famous Family Business Break Up: PUMA and ADIDAS

Brothers Adolf and Rudolf Dassler set up a shoe company in their mother’s laundry room in the town of Herzogenaurach, Germany, in 1924. But it soon became apparent that the brothers had different personalities, and tensions between the two came to a boiling point during World War II.

Rudolf was sent to war, and after his return, was picked up by U.S. soldiers and imprisoned for about a year. He reportedly was convinced that his imprisonment was organized by his brother. The brothers split up in 1948, and Rudolf Dassler founded the company that would become Puma. Adi formally registered Adidas in 1949.

The rivalry between the brothers even divided the town of Herzogenaurach, where Adidas and Puma still have rival factories on opposite sides of the river. That came to a symbolic end on Global Peace Day in 2009, though, when employees of both factories played football together, pitting mixed Puma and Adidas teams against each other. The “Black” team of the companies’ CEOs beat the “White” team 7:5.

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Summer C1 Inglés Success: Congratulations Mayte

Achieving  a C1 level language qualification is not a walk in the park. In fact, many people who have this advanced  level have lived and worked abroad in English speaking nations, they consistently read in English, listen to English, and communicate in English on a daily basis giving their opinions and thoughts on topics as varied as medical science, art, culture, politics, commerce, economics,  psychology, philology, and the merits of space exploration.   This level would not be achievable for many native speakers, so it is my absolute pleasure to congratulate Mayte on passing her EOI C1 level this month. Well done, your thoroughly deserve it.

King Edward VIII breaks up with the monarchy

Royal Break UpIn 1936 the King of England, George V died and Edward VIII succeeded him as King and  jumped on the throne. ‘God save the King’ – halleluja!

However, poor King Edward VIII had already fallen head over heels with the saucy divorced American, Wallis Simpson. The Royal family were really, really, really, really angry, yes,they were outraged, and they demanded that The King break up with Wallis Simpson. The King was a total sucker for love and in the end he broke up with the Royal Family. He gave up his right to the throne and went to France to tie the knot. They stayed together until Edward died in 1972.

So, is love more important than duty?

To break up

To break up is a common phrasal verb which means: ‘to separate’. You can use it to describe the end of a relationship, romantic or otherwise. For example, my boyfriend broke up with me last week and I am over the moon because all that commitment was totally getting on my nerves.  Unfortunately, The Beatles broke up in 1970. Or, you can use it to describe the action of breaking an object into different parts. For example, unscrupulous multinationals take over smaller companies in order to break them up and get rid of the competition.

EOI English B1 Exam Success: Congratulations Inma & María del Mar

Congratulations Inma and María del Mar. You have passed your EOI B1 exams, and I couldn´t be more proud of you both. You sacrificed a lot to achieve this positive result, and your hard work, determination and strength of character brought the rewards you both justly deserved.  Congratulations, you are winners!

So, what do Inglés Málaga clients say about us? Well, read a few testimonials and you´ll get a good idea.

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Music Lovers & Beach Bums Unite

For all you music lovers and beach bums, if you don´t have plans for the weekend, then take your maracas down to the end of summer beach party.  The amazing Free Soul Band will help you celebrate in style, rock n roll!