Cambridge CAE C1 Triumph: Inglés Málaga Client: Marta Pedrosa Ruiz

Marta is down-to-earth, bright, bubbly, and extremely sociable. She is warm-hearted, confident, and infectiously ambitious. If you ever meet her, you will undoubtedly fall in love with her charm, her wit, and her limitless energy.

Marta has just passed the Cambridge C1 exam, a high-level professional academic English exam which is extremely challenging and requires a lot of hard work, sweat and determination. Congratulations Marta, you deserve it!

Marta studied pharmacy at the University of Granada and she is currently doing her internship at a hospital in Málaga. She uses general and specialised English on a daily basis to support patient care and to study medical research and pharmaceutical innovation. She uses English abroad when she travels for work.

While improving her English level to prepare for the CAE C1 exam, she successfully used her English written and oral communication skills to secure a professional traineeship post in Australia as well as effectively applying, in English, to an NGO to do some voluntary work with Syrian refuges in Italy this summer.

Marta wasn´t born with a silver spoon in her mouth; her successes and achievements come down to her own determination, hard work and positivity.  Marta is inspirational and she should be applauded for her ambition, drive and compassion. Without a shadow of a doubt, Marta is going to make a difference, and a lot of people´s lives will be better as a direct result of her.

I am supremely proud of Marta, but for me, by far, the cherry on the cake is that Marta knows how to live life and let her hair down.  She is not only a party animal but a music lover.  And, she has just become a YouTuber; that´s correct, in addition to her hard-working professional ethic she is also passionate about music and is a talented and gifted singer.  Yep, she sings in English! Don´t delay, check out her YouTube account.

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