Breaking News-Inglés Málaga Client: High School Teacher Patri Falgueras gets a job in the USA

To stand out from the crowd is the strapline of my business and it means to be noticeably different from ordinary people.  And, without a shadow of a doubt,  Inglés Málaga clients, old and new have always stood out from the crowd.  You are all uniquely brilliant and I am always, always inspired and motivated.  This week I am bowing down to the courage, determination and success of Patri Falgueras and her family.

Patri Falguera was born and bred in Málaga.  She is passionate, generous, funny and intelligent. She has a heart of gold, she is inventive, creative and considerate. She thinks spiderman would win a fight against batman, (yeah, that´s seriously not correct, Batman would easily win!) She is a people person and a music lover. She has a positive outlook on life and a can-do attitude. She became a State High School music teacher because she thinks that education is the key to make the world a better place.  The county of Andalusia has been very lucky that Patri decided to become a teacher.

Patri applied to the Visitors Teachers Programme in the USA, Canada and England, a government managed exchange programme for high-quality teachers to work abroad and share best practice, and after months and months of filling in paperwork, writing emails and letters in English and preparing for job interviews in English, both face-to-face and on skype, she has been successful.  Having helped Patri with her English communication skills to support her application, I know firsthand how competitive the programme is and how difficult it is to be successful.  It is truly GREAT news, and an achievement that definitely deserves a party, or perhaps even a new Spanish National Holiday.

So, unfortunately, this summer Málaga is losing Patri, and Colorado, USA is gaining a gifted teacher and her wonderful family.

Consequently, this week I bow down to Patri and her brave children and husband, and I only hope that others feel as inspired by her story as I do. This weekend, please raise a glass for Patri and wish her well as she packs her suitcases in order to start a new chapter in her life.

Finally, if you are a teacher and fancy a change, then why not apply? You have nothing to lose and so much to gain; diversity is the spice of life!

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