April Fool: The smelly telly!

In 1964, the BBC said it had invented a method of transmitting different odors through TV screens. It said it was in the trial stages and wanted people to smell their TV screens while they watched different programmes. They then had to phone the BBC to say what they had smelled. Lots of people from all over the UK phoned the BBC and said they could smell roses, spinach, potatoes, fish, lamb chops, smashed potatoes with a hint of mint………… IT’S RIDICULOUS!!

How is it possible that a nation that invented the: magnifying glass, the adjustable spanner, Wallace and Gromit, the rubber band, Meccano, the vacuum cleaner and David Beckham, COULD BE THAT STUPID?!

OK, so I know that we also invented the Sinclair C5 (again, what were they thinking!?) A car with a maximum speed of 15 miles an hour, OMG, I can walk backwards faster than that, the only words that come to my mind are these: ”You are fired.”

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