Film Reviews

filmReviewLogoImagine you recently saw this advert in a local English language lifestyle magazine.

Reviews Needed!

  • We are hoping to add a Film section to our magazine. We would like you to write a review about your favourite film of all time. Describe the film and explain why you would recommend it to others.
  • Get writing as the best review will win £500 and free tickets to the cinema.

Not sure how to start? Well, think about the following 5-step structure to help you organise your ideas. In addition, there is a sample example in the Reading section of DOWNLOADS.  Remember you will need to use the password.

1) Title: Short and Catchy: For example: ‘Sophie’s Choice – Not a Dry Eye in the House’

2) Introduction:

  • General information: the name of the film, genre, the name of the director, the main stars, any awards won.
  • Include overall opinion about the film, for example: ‘This fast-paced, action-packed thriller is a must see’.
  • Try to write a strong expression or a phrase that will catch the reader’s attention

3) Paragraph 1

  • Where and when it was set. A brief summary of the plot, with comments on the acting

4) Paragraph 2

  • Additional aspects of the film: special effects, the musical score, supporting roles
  • If appropriate, you might include some negative opinions here ( either general / personal)

5) Conclusion

  • Personal recommendation with reasons
  • Consider using a direct question, or a memorable expression at the end

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