Accents, dialects and pronunciation

Geordie AccentAccents Dialects and Pronunciation.

An accent is the way people in a certain area pronounce words and a dialect refers to the specific words that are characteristic of a particular group of people. Despite the fact that I can’t understand the Geordie accent, it is my favourite British accent. 

The first 4 minutes of this Youtube video are all British accents.  I stopped counting how many he impersonates. However, there are a lot!  He also uses some very bad language which my mother wouldn’t approve of so please take care not to repeat anything he says!  In addition, I’m not too keen on his Yorkshire accent; it isn’t like mine, is it?

Finally, what is he saying in the Cork accent? OMG, your guess is as good as mine!!  So, which accents are the hardest and easiest to understand?


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