Pronunciation and voice recognition

voice-recognitionIndividual words, and the sounds of them, help people to communicate their thoughts and emotions.  In addition,  in today´s techno-centric world, the sound of words can help you to give instructions and commands, for example, using voice recognition to operate a lift.  So, you might think this is an extremely useful piece of technology. However, if you are Scottish, it is highly likely that you will completely disagree.

If you don´t understand exactly what I mean, watch this video in which two Scottish guys are trying to operate a lift with voice recognition.   It´s incredibly funny!

This video was emailed to me by a client, Fabian.  Thanks Fabian, I was laughing my pants off for hours!  If you have any video you would like to see on the Inglés Málaga website, don´t be shy, send me them and I´ll upload them for you.


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