To pig out

to-pig-outTo pig out, is a common phrase which means to eat greedily or to gorge.

And, oh my sweet mother, how much did I pig out during the festive season?!

Well, without going into too much detail about the amount of junk food I shuffled down my throat and the obscene number of recycled wine bottles there were outside my parent´s house,   I have to admit that I can no longer squeeze my ass into a pair of jeans and I´m relying on elasticated pants. So yes, without a shadow of a doubt, it´s time for the three Ds: DETOX, DIET, DANCING! Consequently, if you see me in a bar with a pint of lager in one hand and a packet of crisps in the other, feel free to tell me off.  How about you, did you overindulge during the holidays?

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