Turn on the oven Janette. No way casanova!

turn oven onAs many of you know I can’t stand cooking, and, as a result of this extreme loathing, I often have to phone a friend to ask for advice about how to turn the oven on.

So, last weekend, after phoning a friend,  I tried to bake gluten-free banana bread. During this extremely stressful and wine-free process, I broke my kitchen smoke alarm,  smashed a glass bowl and after 2 hours of watching my bread do nothing in the oven I had to feed it to the disgusting rats and pidgins that are living in my square.  As there is a strong likelihood that I’ve killed all these creatures, I’m going to email the local council to ask them to put pest control on red alert.

baking disasterSuffice it to say, I am never, ever, going to turn my oven on again.  It’s a complete waste of time, money and energy.  Forget ‘dial a pizza’, where is the ‘dial a gluten-free cake shop’?  OMG, I’m seriously, sooooooooooooo down in the dumps!

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