Talking about working out is definitely a no go zone!

work out

Despite the fact, that many people can spend hours and hours talking about football, it has to be said, that nobody is interested in hearing about your workout.

For example, despite the fact that I’m naturally a couch potato with a sweet tooth, I do try to work out at my local gym 5 times a week. My workout usually consists of  some cardiovascular stuff (cycling or running on a treadmill) some free weights and some pilates. Over the last few weeks I have been working out harder than usual and I was so over the moon with my efforts that I emailed some close friends in the UK to tell them all about physical achievements. Imagine my surprise when I received this photo and one sentence that said: ”Don’t bother me telling me about your sweat, what about the eye candy?”

Seriously, some of my friends are skin deep and they are about as profound as a limp lettuce leaf!

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