Your home says a lot about your personality

What does your living room say about you?

It has recently been reported that the look of your living room reflects your personality. With this in mind, what do you think these living rooms say about my siblings? The first is my elder sister’s and the second my brother’s?

sj living room




dave living room




Are they: organised, timid, easy-going, eccentric, introverted, independent, fun-loving, open-minded, sporty, sociable or perhaps disorganised, bossy, determined or self-confident? Do you think they are music lovers, bookworms, fashion victims, clean freaks or perhaps couch potatoes?

And mine; well my living room, more or less looks like this: JOC living room

So, does this mean that I am ‘personality-less’?  Do you think I need a personality transplant?

Anyway, what does your living room say about you? Send me a photo and we can ask the Inglés Málaga community to analyse your personality.

Finally, if you  need help with vocabulary to describe personalities, click here.

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