Playing chess improves concentration and problem solving skills

Chess improves concentration and problem solving skills
chessIs it possible that chess, a strategy board game loved by billions of people, can be considered a form of gambling? Unbelievably, if you a religious cleric in Saudi Arabia, then the answer might well be, yes! I, on the other hand, like millions of parents, educators and mathematicians, think that chess is highly likely to improve people’s concentration, problem-solving, critical, original and creative thinking skills and abilities.
Furthermore, it has been persuasively argued that ‘’chess can cross socio-economic and cultural boundaries and give otherwise disadvantaged children a chance to compete on equal terms.’’ In light of the above points, if I worked for the Ministry of Education, I would definitely make playing chess a compulsory part of the maths curriculum.
Finally, if you’ve never played chess before, it’s never too late to give it a go! In fact, I play chess online with my 10 year old nephew every other week, and so far, his approach to critical thinking is far superior to mine.

If you want to read more about the health benefits of playing chess, then click here.

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