Selfie obsession may ruin your love life!

Selfie obsessed generation

selfie self esteemOk, according to this researcher, if you are nuts about taking photos of yourself and uploading them to billions of social media sites, it is highly likely that you have some serious issues!

So, on face value this might seem like a light-hearted topic, and seriously, in the great scheme of things for example, world poverty, international genocide and epidemic levels of global corruption and crime, who cares?! I for one, don’t. However, on the other hand, perhaps the issue of selfie obsessed generations should be a matter of great concern. To name but a few of the negative consequences, did you know that 5% of fatal road accidents are caused by people taking selfies? Furthermore, according to behavioural psychologists, individuals who are hooked on taking selfies are more likely to develop long-term self-esteem issues and mental health problems. In fact, my gym is so anti-selfies that it has recently banned them for the premises.

selfie and sharkSo, what’s your feeling? Is there a direct link between taking selfies and mental health disorders? Can we seriously blame camera-enabled phones for an increase in health and safety risks, or, is all this a load of hot air? Finally, if you try to take a picture of yourself while a shark is opening its jaws, in my book that’s not a sign of narcissism, that just a sign that you lack intelligence and common sense!

Anyway, if you want to find out how selfies could ruin your love life, then click here.

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