Rubbish here, rubbish there, rubbish everywhere!

Malaga strike rubbish collectionMy most overused word of the week is: ‘rubbish’.
The USA presidential primaries are rubbish; I mean, come on, who the hell is voting for Mr Trump?! The new face cream I bought the other week which is supposed to give me a face lift without invasive surgery is rubbish and now my city is pile high with rubbish. Yep, it’s all rubbish!

rubbish with your breakfastRegarding the trash that is decorating the streets of Málaga, the newspapers allege that the dispute is about a productivity bonus and holiday entitlement. They further suggest that the strike is likely to continue indefinitely as there is no sign of a resolution being made between the trade unions, Limasa and the local council.

Ok, perhaps it’s not surprising that negotiations have broken down, I mean we don’t even have a functioning government at the moment, but, it seems to me there are lots of simple short-term solutions that can be implemented to ensure that the residents of Málaga don’t contract cholera while they take a stroll or commute to work.  Not to mention the fact that dog-sized rats are now a common sight in the historical centre.   So, if you worked for the local council, what would you do in the short term to minimise the risk of a health hazard and what might you do as a long-term measure?

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