Giving presents: the 3 wise men arrive in town

I woke up this morning and thought fantastic, it’s the day before The Day of the 3 Wise Men which means 2 things:

Firstly, I can go and see a parade, steal sweets from defenceless children and hopefully grab some toys thrown by the  3 Wise Men

 1967 Aston MartinSecondly, I have another opportunity to receive my 1967 Aston Martin Volante.  Father Christmas obviously didn’t think I had been a good girl as I only received the following gifts from him: 1, some aspirin. 2, a cat toy (????). 3, a pencil sharpener. 4, a rubber. 5, 10 chocolates and 6, a pair of Leeds United football socks.  So, my last hopes are with the very wise, wise, wise men.  My fingers and toes are crossed, I have touched wood, and I have thrown salt over my left shoulder. I am positive that my car will be parked outside of my flat tomorrow morning and I am overcome with excitement.

Good luck everyone, I hope you receive more than a lump of coal, a kiss on the cheek or some empty wrapping paper ( a favourite trick of my sister!).


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