Spain: Happy General Election Day

SpainToday is the day to use your voice and vote with your head. 

The polls have been open for a few hours and the ballot boxes are ready to accept your vote. That’s right, after months of political party campaigns, fantastical political storytelling and a lot of backstabbing and finger-pointing it’s time to exercise your democratic right to vote. And, in my book, you should vote with your head and not with your heart.

So, the things I have been thinking about include:

  1. Economic reform to support sole traders and the new generation of entrepreneurs
  2. Educational reform which moves away from standardisation and puts teachers at the policy table
  3. Infrastructural reform to support gender equality and racial, cultural and religious tolerance
  4. Financial commitment to medical and scientific research and development
  5. Practical measures to eradicate corruption and nepotism

Happy voting!

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