Nothing feels as good as winning: Fantástico Andy Murray!

Winning Feels GoodPeople who know the bare minimum about sport understand that despite Great Britain being relatively economically rich; we invest in sport; we hire, by far, the best coaches and mentors, and we know how to throw an Olympic event, we do invariably lose. For instance, we were recently booted out of the Rugby World Cup, and we are usually booted out of the Football World Cup in a penalty situation.  I think this happens because we don’t have the mental strength required to be winners.

So Andy Murray, after 79 years of failure, I am on bended knee, today you are my person!!  That’s right: Great Britain win the Tennis Davis Cup in 2015!! Rock on GB, I’m in love!


  1. Congratulations! I know very well the feeling of watching your national team without any hope, and suddenly realizing that they won! Yeah, it is a once in a lifetime victory, so you should celebrate hitting the town.

  2. Thanks Mayte; although I think I become more Spanish day by day I still love my British sport. So, I’m now going to La Rosaleda to have a quick pep talk with our little fried fish who are doing nothing to fight off the vultures!

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