Booking a flight online is a piece of cake!

A piece of cakeIf you’ve got internet access and ‘plastic’, then booking a flight online is a piece of cake.
I’m a big planner and doing things ‘’ always makes me feel anxious and stressed. In light of this, I booked my return flight to Madrid at least 6 months before the departure date.

The whole process was a piece of cake: find cheapest airline, pick specific dates, choose convenient flight times, say no to flight insurance, punch in credit card details and that’s it! Brilliant, it took me less than 10 minutes which left me with lots of time to contemplate the merits of a cheeky afternoon glass of wine.

moonwalkHowever, since booking my tickets, the airline company has decided to change the flight times, not once, not twice but five times. Now, I am beyond being red with rage and just hopeful that I make it to Madrid and don’t end up in Casablanca or Benidorm.

So, the moral to my story is: booking a flight online is neither complicated nor time-consuming but getting what you paid for is as likely as me getting married, having kids or moonwalking naked in plaza de la merced.

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