International Nursing Conference Cuenca: Good luck Dave O’Carroll

Dave OCarrollTomorrow my brother is presenting at the International Nursing Conference in Cuenca.   So Dave O’Carroll, the Inglés Málaga community would like to take this opportunity to wish you well.  Indeed, because I know you, you will be brilliant! Moreover,  I know you will inspire nurses across the globe to think innovatively and creatively about nursing research and development.  Lock and load babes!

Finally, to all the nurses: You do an amazing job which, generally speaking,  is stressful, undervalued and extremely badly paid.  Stand up and be counted; use this opportunity to debate,  share ideas, exchange personal experiences and question the norm.  The nursing voice is rarely listened to – it is your time! Without a shadow of a doubt, I have a profound respect for your profession and I understand unequivocally that without you the health system would fall on it’s knees.   Behind every effective doctor there is always a team of brilliant nurses. Viva las enfermeres, viva, viva!

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