Flat Hunting: Can you help Janette find a new flat to rent?

flat hunting janetteSo what’s the story Janette?

Well, I’m thinking about moving flats and as we live in a very small city I’m sure somebody knows somebody who knows somebody who knows someone else who is trying to rent a flat.
No problem Janette; we know you are reliable, quiet and very professional, so what kind of flat do you want?

cherry on my cakeWell, I’m looking for an external facing flat in the historical centre of Málaga with a minimum of two bedrooms and a lot of natural light. I have quite a bit of furniture so perhaps an unfurnished or semi-furnished flat would be the best option for me and my houseplants.

Finally, if George Clooney lives next door, then that would be the cherry on the cake!

So, if you know of someone, who knows of somebody please email me as I would be very, very grateful! Janetteocarroll@gmail.com

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