Working conditions

working conditions Cambodia textile factoryWorking conditions  refer to the environment in which a person works and may include factors such as: the pay, cleanliness, lighting, noise, equipment, overtime pay, uniforms, access to childcare, gyms and health insurance. What are your working conditions like?  How might you improve them? These are some of the things I would change in the private and public sectors if I worked for the government:

  1. Encourage flexible working hours
  2. Offer subsidised childcare
  3. Get rid of split shifts and encourage more part-time workers and job shares
  4. Encourage ambition by offering free professional development and training
  5. Offer a legal right to take unpaid leave
  6. Get rid of nepotism
  7. Heavily fine acts of sexism, ageism, racism, xenophobia and homophobia
  8. Combat the gender-pay gap
  9. Financially support international working sabbaticals
  10. Demonstrate a zero tolerance of immigrant exploitation

Holy smokes, I really have an opinion about this stuff!  So, government, if you would like some free advice, then knock on my door as I would be extremely happy to explain how all these things are not only financially possible but will increase productively, efficiency, employee satisfaction as well improve your profit margin.  Yep, I know, it’s all about money!

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