To be snowed under

snowed underTo be snowed under is an idiom which means you are really, really, really busy. Indeed, this week I’m snowed under. I have a million and one things to do and there aren’t enough hours in the day to complete them all. To help me, I’ve written a list.
Janette’s to do list:
1. Go shopping: In order to buy an inflatable crocodile for a beach party
2. Arrange a meeting with my bank manager: In order to beg for my credit card back.
3. Do accounts: In order to please my accountant. However, first, I need to find my calculator and then I need to look for all my receipts
4. Iron clothes: First, look up on the Internet how to to iron a shirt
5. Fix broken toaster: First, complain to the manufacturer that the model is rubbish
6. Buy aspirin: Fixing the toaster will give me a headache!
7. Water plants: First, find the plant food
8. Change boyfriend: As he’s really getting on my nerves
9. Apologise to boyfriend: As I’m really getting on his nerves
10. Organise dance competition: It’s a danceathon: disco versus flamenco.
11. Concentrate and focus on priorities: Janette, stop looking at disco dancing videos on YouTube!

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