To have a sweet tooth

curlywurlyThis is a very common idiom used to describe someone who enjoys eating sweet food, especially sweets and chocolate. I have an extremely sweet tooth and giving me chocolate is the easiest and most effective way of manipulating me. Having said that, it won’t work if you give me some ‘real’ chocolate, neither that stuff with 0% sugar!! I know, who thought that was a good idea?!
Now, I could blame my addiction on my genes, but, as my brother ‘has a gin and tonic’ tooth and my younger sister ‘has a packet of smokey bacon crisps’ tooth, I think I have to own up and say: ” No, I’m hooked on sweet stuff because it’s just sooooooooooooooo yummy!”
Turkish DelightFinally, in the distant past, brave knights and warriors risked their lives looking for the Holy Grail. Controversially, the only thing I’d risk my life for is a Cadbury’s Curly Wurly, or perhaps a Flake, but definitely not a Toffee Crisp or any Turkish Delight. Seriously, anyone who likes Turkish Delight need their heads tested!

By the way, all you Turkish Delight-lovers can post and complain.  I say: ”Bring it on, my Curly Wurly can take you, any day of the week!”

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