50 things to do before you die: Conquer your biggest fear

hippoWho isn’t afraid of something? Of course, nobody! We all have our fears; some are logical like being afraid of a ten ton hippopotamus charging towards you screaming: ‘‘brilliant, it is lunchtime’’. However, for the most, our fears are irrational and illogical. So, try to understand what your biggest fear is and conquer it. tequilaslammer

Personally speaking, I have a lot of fears, I’m petrified of snakes and dogs and I fear for the safety of people around me when I’m in a tequila slammer mood. Suffice it to say, I haven’t had a tequila slammer in over 10 years!  Having said that, I probably wouldn’t remember when the last time was because when I drink tequilla I never remember a thing.  Anyway, if you want to share what your biggest fear is, perhaps the Inglés Málaga community could help you to overcome it.

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