50 things to do before you die: go on a road trip

Some people spend their life looking for the perfect job, the perfect home, the perfect lover, or even the most amazing pair of Jimmy Choo high-heel shoes, but I say: forget all that stuff, throw some clothes in a backpack, buckle your seat belt, pick up some mates and go out and find the DRIVE OF YOUR LIFE.
By the way, my image of this road trip is in a 1963 Aston Martin convertible. Consequently, this is probably the main reason why I haven’t fulfilled this ambition yet. However, I’m not going to do it in a Renault Clio, neither a Ford Fiesta.
Ok, where are you going to drive?
route 66Perhaps, the well-known Route 66 from Illinois to California, or the Trans-Andean highway from Chile to Argentina, which coincidently, is said to have more thrills than an attraction park! Not sure; need some inspiration?

red hot chilli peppersOr perhaps, you just want to listen to one of my favourite Red Hot Chilli Pepper songs: ‘Road Trippin’. Ok, please don’t write in to tell me that the song isn’t  about a road trip because I know that it is well accepted that the lyrics are about the band ‘getting off their faces’ with illegal drugs and possibly a few mushrooms.

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