50 things to do before you die: go scuba diving

scuba divingYes, yes and could I be anymore direct, yes!

It’s a fact that approximately 71% of the earth’s surface is ocean, so why not strap on an oxygen tank and get exploring a whole new universe? Speaking from experience, getting close and personal to the secrets of marine life is one of the most awe-inspiring things I have ever done. Furthermore, it seems to me that if learning how to scuba dive were a compulsory part of a nation’s curriculum, we would all develop a profounder respect for our planet and consequently reduce some of our environmental atrocities.

octopusHowever, if you are still not convinced; how about the idea of learning more effective communication, interpersonal and survival skills from our friendly fish, molluscs, water mammals and water life. For example, you can learn from an octopus how to have sex, how to murder your partner and then how to become a cannibal in less than 15 minutes. Seriously brilliant; imagine one of your one-night stands is going all wrong, no problem, you have the answer!

sea turtleOr, you can learn how to seduce someone you fancy by following the communication lines of a turtle; first start bobbing your head up and down, up and down, and if that doesn’t work, try and bite their leg. So, perhaps this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I must admit, it’s always worked for me.

Finally, if you’ve got some different reasons for going scuba diving, don’t be shy, let us know.


  1. Are you serious about scuba-diving as a part of national curriculum? I would like to hear what Spanish bishops have to say about learning from the sexual habits of octopus…

    Personally speaking, my only experience under the sea was amazing; however, knowing the selfish nature of human beings, I think marine creatures are better without us.

  2. Exactly my point! it seems to me that if we learnt more about our marine life we would think twice before we pollute our waters with plastic, chemicals and general domestic waste, Furthermore, bring on the bishops, I’m ready to state my case!

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