50 things to do before you die: volunteer for a charity

volunteer your timeThank goodness, an ethical must-do! Yes, I think everyone should volunteer for a charity. There are 1000s of international, national and local charities that you can get involved in. Furthermore, whatever your skills, experience or interests, there will be a charity out there desperately waiting for you. In addition, there are 1000s of advantages for volunteering, but it seems to me that the three most common pros are as follows: it’s deeply rewarding, you learn a lot, and in most cases, you become a better person as a result of the experience. When I lived in Manchester, I volunteered once a month at a Community Association for the elderly and as a result of this experience I have a profound affection for the idiosyncrasies of elderly people. I know it might not be fashionable, but I just love grumpy old men and women.
grumpy old womenIf you want to hear about what gets grumpy old British women hopping mad, then watch this video. It’s hilarious, and the perfect video to learn a lot of idioms in context.


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