50 things to do before you die: go deep sea fishing and eat the fish you catch

deep sea fishingI can’t even contemplate why anyone would want to do this, can you? I mean, if you want to eat some fish, why not go to a beach bar and ask the waiter to open a bottle of white wine while you’re waiting for your espetos?!
Anyway, a friend of mine said to me that it was obvious that I wouldn’t get it; firstly, because I’m a vegetarian and secondly because I’m a girl. He went on to explain that this is a MAN THING, i.e. referring back to the time of the ‘ug, ug, ug’, CAVEMAN. Well, despite the fact that he tried to explain this idea to me in English, Spanish and then sign language, I still don’t get it. So, is he saying that men haven’t really evolved and therefore, deep down, they only want to leave a cave and go hunting for stuff to eat?


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