50 things to do before you die: go skinny dipping

skinny dippingSkinny dipping is nude swimming.  Do you mean that you take  all your clothes off and go swimming in a public place, for example at the beach, or in some fresh water, like a lake or a river?  Yes, that’s right.

Truth be told, I’ve done this a lot of times at various places on the Costa de la Sol. Although, I have to admit that I’m a bit of coward so I’ve only done this at night, and only after drinking a few too many glasses of wine. If you’re a nudist, you’ll think: Are you pulling my leg? What’s the big deal with skinny dipping? However, if you are like me, you’ll think that exposing your ass to the moon, the mountains, and a few fishermen isn’t exactly what you had in mind for a night out with your mates. So, would I recommend it, absolutely! Without a shadow of a doubt, the sensation is thrilling, not to mention, the sense of relief you feel when your clothes are still where you left them!


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