What do you mean? You don’t care, or, it doesn’t matter,or, you don’t mind?

I’m seriously confused, what’s the difference between these: You don’t care, it doesn’t matter, you don’t mind.

Well, each expression is connected to your personal opinion:

  1. I don’t care who wins La Liga ACB .  Meaning: I am not interested in basketball.
  2. It doesn’t matter who wins La Liga ACB.  Meaning: Basketball is not important and therefore it isn’t really important who wins
  3. I don’t mind which team wins. Meaning: I am interested in basketball, but I am ok with whichever team wins



  1. I´m truly disappointed you don´t care who wins la Liga ACB. As an adoptive daughter of Málaga city, you should know that the only professional sport team who has ever won a national trophy for Málaga is Unicaja Baloncesto. Due to the economic profit, it really minds a lot if Unicaja achieves another big success and reaches the final this year. In adition, the only chance for all the sport lovers in this city to celebrate something is winning next Liga ACB with our leader team! Go green!

    1. Hi Mayte, Point taken and well argued. Despite this fact, I’d rather watch paint dry than suffer 2 hours of a sporting event which stops every half second for some thing or another and consists of oversized men bouncing a ball about. So, as an adopted daughter, I predict that by 2030, 25% of Andalusians will drop out of basketball clubs and take up playing rugby, squash or perhaps doing a martial art. I myself, will be acting like a couch potato and stuffing my face with junk food and chocolate. Yum, yum – it’s Easter egg time.

  2. I could accept the chocolate thing, but… rugby? Are you pulling my leg? Under no circumstances would I change the “souplesse” of Mindaugas Kuzminskas for one of those rude men.

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