To put off doing something

put off doing somethingTo put off doing something means you delay doing it usually for these key factors: too boring, too stressful, too uncomfortable, too time-consuming, too embarrassing, too energetic, too expensive, too difficult.

ProcrastinationIndeed, this week I have put off going to Ikea (too boring), paying some bills (too stressful), doing my accounts (too time-consuming), painting the kitchen skirting board (too messy), making an appointment with the hairdresser (too embarrassing) and buying a wedding gift (yes, it’s true, I do know some people who are the marrying kind).

However, I didn’t put off, checking the results of Leeds United Football Club (boo hoo, as usual, we lost!) booking my flights for an action-packed Easter getaway (fantastic, I have tickets ), catching up with friends (lots of beer and too many delicious snacks), or developing my strategy to kidnap George Clooney.

As I’m sure you will have guessed, to put something off means, you delay doing it usually because you can’t stand doing it.

To not put something off, means, hurrah, you have done it, usually because you are keen on doing it. So,

  1. What have you put off this week?
  2. What didn’t you put off this week?

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