Improve Listening Comprehension

ListenImproving your listening comprehension takes time and effort.  Why not try some of these to help you get motivated?



  1. Elementary Podcasts from The British Council
  2. Situational recordings: At the Bank, In a Restaurant
  3. Grammar Vocabulary and Pronunciation
  4. Learn with the British Council


  1. Simple English Videos to help you use English better
  2. How to make a Christmas Cake the old-fashioned way
  3. The London Olympic Challenge
  4. Short recordings about interesting people and places
  5. What would your ideal trip be?


  1. BBC Travel Show Pods
  2. Bitesized recordings about every topic you can imagine
  3. Listen to the BBC World News in one minute
  4. BBC podcasts and Downloads
  5. General and Business English
  6. Watch TV and Films online for free
  7. TED Playlists: Brilliant speeches for Advanced Learners
  8. Watch British TV programmes
  9. Advanced Culture Vultures – New York Met museum
  10. British Council Professional podcasts
  11. A Royal Romance – Love is Truly All Around
  12. Listen to the ideas of successful business gurus
  13. Listen to The British Council’s Podcasts for Professionals


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