2 week family holiday in Andalusia: where would you recommend?

Andalusia HolidaysI have a friend who wants to come to Andalusia in the last week of July for her 2 week family summer holiday.  She has 3 gorgeous, intelligent and adventurous girls.  One of them is 17 and the other two are twins and are aged 12.   Her and her man work really hard so they are looking for a chilled-out holiday.  However, as the girls are very active they would like to be close to some  adventure activities and the beach.  They want to rent an apartment / house/villa for 5 and they would definitely need a pool.  So, despite the fact that I have lived in Málaga for years, my knowledge about family holidays is pathetic.  My friend thinks I’m a moron so please, please help me!  Where should they go?

2 thoughts on “2 week family holiday in Andalusia: where would you recommend?

  1. It might be a suitable idea to rent a house in Istán, very close to Marbella but in a quiet environment. Cabo de Gata could be a pleasant place to enjoy sea activities and Mediterranean way of life as well.

  2. Thanks Mayte! Curiously another friend of mine went to Cabo de Gata last year with some kids and they all loved it Finally, I’ve never heard of Istán so I’m going to check it out on the Internet because that also sounds like a great suggestion. Have a great evening!!!!

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