Phrasal verbs, collocations and tooty fruities!

tooty fruityI know; it’s Friday, what am I doing posting about vocabulary and grammar?  Well, I say, if you get these right, you are allowed to celebrate with a big, a huge, a MASSIVE glass of wine, a packet of smokey bacon crisps and some tooty fruities!

Tooty fruities!  Yep, that’s what the sweets company, Rowntrees, call them, but they are soooooooooooooooo sweet, I call them a legal hit of cocaine.  See, there is a method to my madness: stimulate the mind, and then stimulate the body!

What are the phrasal verb equivalents for the following:

  1. ‘to collide with a pedestrian whilst driving a car with
    possibly serious results’
  2. ‘to give the impression that something is true when in fact
    it isn’t’
  3. ‘to become too big for something’
  4. ‘to include someone in a future activity’
  5. ‘to tolerate something’

What are the various forms of the following words:

  1. ‘nation’
  2. ‘practice’
  3. ‘late’
  4. ‘instruct’
  5. ‘predict’

What are the collocations for:

  1. ‘to …….. the curtains’ (swing/push/roll/draw)
  2. ‘to …….. the (car) horn’ (press/switch/blow/make)
  3. ‘to …….. heart’ (lose/suffer/take/beat)
  4. ‘to be …….. work’ (tough/firm/hard/difficult)
  5. ‘to …….. your balance’ (have/make/do/keep)

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