Music Events: Glastonbury

GlastonburyIf you’re a music lover, then the only place to be mid-June is at the Glastonbury Festival in England. Whatever your musical tastes you will never go hungry because there are over 30 different areas showcasing musical genres from dance to trance, electronic pop to jazz, and even reggae to rock. However, if classical music is more ‘up your street’, don’t worry, you will also be able to soak up the wonder of a full orchestra.
Glastonbury is the most well-known live outdoor music festival in the UK and if you have to run down a granny to get a ticket, I suggest you do that and suffer the legal charges when you return. Indeed, I wouldn’t turn up for my own wedding if I could get my hands on one. Despite the fact I’m a city gal, I would willingly exchange my high heels for a pair of wellington boots and give up 5 star accommodation for a tent and sleeping bag at this event.
glastonbury signFinally, if you’re a little worried that all this self-indulgence isn’t good for the soul, fear not, the festival organisers always donate a large sum of money to local and national charities. So, buy your ticket today and sleep easy tonight knowing that the world will be a better place because you, like me, know that music is by far the most important thing in life!

Still not convinced? Ok, check out the highlights from the BBC, but be careful, I’ve just wasted 4 hours of my precious life hooked on youtube videos.

Finally, according to many people the best thing in life is to be young and in love; but I say, better to be young and at Glastonbury – let the Glastonbury good times roll!

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