Events for Charities: The Charity Bake off – Bake to Break Global Poverty

vso cake bake offSo, perhaps you want to support a charity but all that running, climbing, cycling or jumping out of planes puts you off. Well, have you ever thought about volunteering your time, or sharing your skills and knowledge by working abroad? Ok, I understand, for many people this just isn’t an option. So, why not bake a cake, a cupcake or even a muffin– who in their right mind doesn’t love eating cakes and buns? In fact, last year the international charity Voluntary Services Overseas (VSO) held a Bake Off Event to fundraise in order to support their vision of a world without poverty.

If you want a challenge and an experience of a lifetime, then jump out of your comfort zone and check out how you can get involved with VSO. Indeed, volunteering overseas has always been a pipe dream of mine and hopefully one day I’ll get off my ass and do it.

banana cakeOr perhaps, you just want to bake a cake to give to Janette! Perfect, please bake me a banana cake – here’s a video to help you improve your English skills and your knowledge of baking.

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