Happy New Year: 2015

Janette and george2014 has been a great year for the Inglés Málaga community.

Unbelievably, we represent 114 countries, of which I am ashamed to say, that before this year I hadn’t heard of some of them. We have been viewed over 15,000 times, of which over 10,000 hits came from Spain.

We have worked hard, we have laughed a lot and we have achieved: we have passed language qualifications, we have got new jobs, we have been promoted, we have moved abroad; we have even had a wedding and a birth! We have had requests and enquiries from our competitors and we have  had a formal complaint! I am so proud of you all!!
janette broken wrist

So, are we ready for 2015? Do you have you grapes ready? I think we are: bring on the joy, the happiness and hopefully a lot of wine. Finally, if you decide to go ice skating to celebrate the New Year, don’t do as I did and break your wrist.

My family have told me that I look great in a cast, but, I think I look better next to George. See you in 2015!


  1. When will you take the cast off?I was in a cast too.I broke my wrist and thumb playin soccer.I had my third cast removed about 5 weeks ago.Hope you feel better and you dont have any pain.

    1. Hi Alex, How’s it going? I’m not sure how much longer I have to wear the cast for and truth be told it’s drving me up the wall! I’m normally really active but I’ve turned into a couch potato! OMG, football and ice-skating, seriously dangerous sports! I hope you are now as fit as a fiddle! Take it easy! Janette

  2. Hi Janette.Did they cut the first cast off and then give you a different cast or are you still in the first cast?Will you make an update of the healing of your wrist?Best wishes and take care.

  3. Hey Alex, So far I think I have been luckier than you, I’m still in the same cast although I dream of having it cut off every night. During the last month I’ve broken so many things because I’m useless with one arm so, breaking my wrist has cost me a fortune! I might need to change my profession and become a bank robber! Why did you have 3 casts? Finally, I’ll try and post a few pics of my skeleton so you can see the breaks in my 2 bones. Have a great day!

  4. Hi Janette.How are you?Are you still in the cast?I had to change 3 casts because my thumb wasnt healing very well.The first 4 weeks I was in a heavy plaster and I had a sling to hold it.Then my second cast was a thumb spica cast and my third cast was a thumb spica cast again.I went to the cast room 3 times.I dont want to see it again.Hope your wrist is feeling better.Best wishes and take care.

  5. Hi Alex, How’s it going? Yes, I can understand that you’re not too keen on visiting the cast room ever, ever again. Me also! In fact, I’d prefer never to go to a hospital again – too many sick peopel!
    Well, I was liberated last week and I was so excited I was practically singing ‘the hills are alive with the sound of music’ until I saw the state of my wrist. OMG, I was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo shocked that I couldn’t move it. The doctor told me that this was normal and he gave me a poster with a load of exercises on it and some green liquid to throw into hot water. And, I thought, can’t you give me Harry Potter and he can wave his wand and give me a new arm. Anyway, as that wasn’t possible, I’ve been doing my exercises every day and although some wrist movements have improved I still can’t put my hand palm face up and I’m beginning to think that I have a serious problem. Did you have the same issue? I did start to read forums about this on the Internet but that just scared me to death so I’ve decided if I’m still the Hunchback of Notre-Dame in another week I’m going to ask an expert.
    Are you back playing football?
    Have a great weekend and stay safe! J

  6. Hi Janette.I am so sad to hear that you are thinking that you are having a serious problem.It seems that you broke it very bad.I have returned back to soccer.I am trying to be more careful not to break a bone again because I know how painful it is.Is this the first time you break your wrist?Hope you have a speedy recovery.Best wishes and take care.

  7. Hi Alex,
    It’s great that you are back playing footy, but yes, take care! I agree with you, breaking a bone is really painful and when they manipulated my 2 broken bones back into place I honestly thought are you sure you’ve given me a sedative because you are killing me at the moment.
    So, although I still can’t turn my hand palm up, I have recovered a lot of mobility and I’ve even gone back to the gym. So, I’m no GI Jane yet but at least i’m not eating as much cake. And, yes, it’s the first time I’ve broken my wrist. How about you? Have you broken any bones before? Ok, I’ve got to dash! Take it easy and I hope you win your next match. What position do you play? All the best, J

  8. Hi Janette.It is the first time I break a bone.I used to only have minor injuries.The position I play is behind the agressive player.Will you need to wear a brac after you have your cast removed?Best wishes.

  9. Hi Alex,
    I don’t think I will need to wear a brace. I’m going to see a physiotherapist next week so I’m hoping he or she will tell me I am on the road to recovery and that I have nothing to worry about! I play squash and this year I want to improve my game as I’m not very good and I keep getting my ass kicked so I’m hoping that this injury won’t affect my game. Do you play 5 aside? I love football eventhough my favourte team, Leeds Utd, are useless! By the way, it’s great you’ve only broken a bone once. My fingers are crossed that you will never do it again. I also, am hardly ever ill, although I did break my leg when I was 19, again a sport’s related injury. Ok, better run, I’m hooking up with some mates! Take it easy Alex, and defend your strikers! J

  10. Hello Janette
    How are you?When we play soccer we play 5 aside.Did you see a physiotherapist?I hope your wrist has healed and you dont have any pain.Best wishes and take care.

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