To break someone’s balls

To break my balls!  –  Romper los huevos

stop ballsWhat does this idiom mean? ‘That someone is annoying another person by constantly criticizing, scolding or nagging them’

Truth be told this is what I have heard for the last 15 years:

”Janette when are you going to:

  1. Come home?
  2. Settle down?
  3. Introduce me to a special friend?
  4. Use a hairbrush?
  5. Use a bit of makeup?
  6. Wear a dress, a skirt, or anything other than trainers and a tracksuit?
  7. Learn how to cook?
  8. Stop messing about?
  9. Blah, blah, blah

So, it is safe to say, if I had balls, I would have been castrated years ago!  And no, unfortunately,  I’m not pulling your leg. My own flesh and blood, my mother, thinks I’m pathetic.



One response to “To break someone’s balls

  1. Katharine O'Carroll

    I most certainly do not think that Janette is pathetic. I think that she is an amazing person, with an extraordinary ability to see things in a way I do not. She has immeasurably enriched my life, and I am very proud, and humbled at the same time, to be her mother. Happy Birthday for the 22nd and have a good Christmas. Love from Mum xx

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