To let someone off

To let someone off is a phrasal verb which means to not punish someone.
For example, the judge let the boys off because they hadn’t been in trouble before.
celine dionNow, I usually let strangers off for bad behaviour and bad manners, (definitely not friends and family, if they behave badly, I punish them and let them know that it isn’t acceptable). However, there are some things that really get on my nerves and if I could, I would punish people for listening to Celine Dion and singing that sickly song: ‘Near, far, where ever you are.’ I can’t stand that song.  Indeed, I couldn’t bear watching Titanic.

So, what gets on your nerves, and how would you punish them?  In general, do you let people off for bad behaviour, impoliteness or unkindness?


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