VOCABULARY CHALLENGE: Types of Punishments

crime-and-punishmentCriminal punishments might include the following:

  1. A fine
  2. Term of imprisonment (time in prison)
  3. Probation (Probation is the suspension of jail time. If you are convicted of a crime, you may be sentenced to probation and allowed to remain living in the community under the supervision of a probation officer)
  4. Parole (Parole is the conditional release of a prisoner before the prison sentence has expired.)
  5. Restitution (repayment) to victims
  6. Capital Punishment (The death penalty)
  7. Community service

Although my mother never really punished me, she wouldn’t give me any pocket money so when I was 16 I had two part-time jobs. I worked in a sweet shop on a Saturday, which for obvious reasons, I was really keen on, and on a Thursday and Friday night I worked at the checkout in a local supermarket which I couldn’t bear. I had to wear a royal blue, polyester overcoat which was so static every time I touched something I got an electric shock.

shop tannoyIn addition, because they thought I had a really posh voice, they always asked me to use the shop tannoy system and say: ’’Good evening shoppers, are you having a lovely time? We have lots of bargains on offer tonight, blah, blah. blah.’’ No, I’m not joking, and, I was only paid minimum wage! Now, that’s a crime against my childhood memories!

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