George is British: He likes tea, rain and David Beckham

English GeorgeSo, how do non-native British people view English people?

This is George. George is typically English, and for this reason he likes tea. He eats fish and chips and he uses red buses.  Because George is English he likes to say these words: ‘splendid, spiffing and cheerio’.

George likes the British winter because it is grey, cold and wet. He likes the British summer because it is grey, cold and wet. His favourite British man is David Beckham, and his favourite British woman naturally, is The Queen. However, what does George like the most? Watch this video to find out.

By the way, Janette is British, she also likes David Beckham but she’s not very keen on  tea; she prefers vodka and wine.  She’s a vegetarian so she doesn’t eat fish but she does love chips.  She likes to say the words: ‘ a bottle of san miguel please!’ Finally, she can’t stand the word: ‘ spiffing’ because it’s just too posh!

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