British Food: Fancy a cuppa?

cup of teaYes, it’s true, the whole world thinks that British people drink tea, and despite the fact that I’m hooked on drinking coffee, I have to admit that we are bonkers about tea.
In fact, in a recent TV documentary it was reported that the average British tea drinker will consume 74, 802 cups of tea in their lifetime. In addition, the report also states that although there are 100’s of different blends and brands of tea, as a no-nonsense nation, we generally prefer black tea with milk. Posh people sometimes drink it with lemon, but that’s just ridiculous! Furthermore, if you’re from the north of England you are bound to be drinking the brands, Yorkshire tea or PG Tips. If you want to read more about what the British comsume in an average lifetime, then click here.

vodka cranberryRecently I’ve tried to drink more flavoured teas, like lemon and ginger or peppermint because I’ve heard they are good for your health and although I don’t doubt their medicinal powers, I’d rather have a vodka and cranberry juice. Come on, who wouldn’t?! And, cranberry is supposedly a SUPERFOOD.  So, all’s good!

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