British People Plan: I’m already thinking about Christmas!

andalusiaI need your advice!

Much to the disgust of my mother who doesn’t understand why I don’t want to celebrate Christmas with my birth family in the UK, (perhaps the weather, the children and the endless washing up have something to do with it!), I”ve decided to stay in Málaga and persuaded some like-minded friends, including my elder sister, to spend Christmas with me. However, we are thinking about taking a road-trip and renting a self-catering cottage inland for three or four days  so we can do some adventure sport, play dominoes with old Spanish men, and perhaps do a lot of drinking and eating.  So, please help me; does anyone have any ideas about where we should go?

So far, the following places have been suggested:

  1. Grazalema
  2. Ronda
  3. Priego de Cordoba

What do you think?  Any suggestions?




2 responses to “British People Plan: I’m already thinking about Christmas!

  1. A road trip to discover the Spanish Interior sounds my perfect Christmas. I’m not a lover of the stressy British traditional family arrangements either.

    I’ve never been away from the coast, but I hear Ronda is particularly lovely, especially the famous bridge (slight panic now that I’m mixing it up with somewhere else! I do that easily). I wonder if Madrid could be worth considering too. Again I’ve not been but I suspect its more than just a stereotypical major city?

    Planning a trip can be almost exciting (perhaps even more stressful!) than the trip itself. I hope you have a wonderful time, and remember to post up some pics, to make me jealous!!

  2. Hi ohmissusgee,
    Thanks for the suggestions; very helpful Yes, I’m super excited about not doing the ususal British Xmas although I’m sure I will indulge in too much food and booze. Oh well, there are some traditions that are worth maintaining!

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