Warning: the effects of alcohol can cause unusual behaviour!

CartojalMálaga’s August summer fare is all about painting the town red; yes the main objective is to have fun. It’s a time to meet up with friends, make new friends, dance, eat and obviously drink cartojal, ( well not for me as I can’t stand sweet wine) In addition, it’s the time to laugh your pants off at the effects of alcohol.

There are usually 4 categories of behaviour: (British people excluded as we usually just want to hit other people).

  1. Drunk person thinks they are invincible and pretends to have the superhuman power of flight
  2. Drunk person becomes amorous and affectionate. They start to say: ‘I love you’ to everyone and everything, including tables and chairs.
  3. Drunk person, all of a sudden, falls down and then as quickly falls asleep
  4. Drunk person becomes philosophical and starts incoherently blabbing on about the meaning of life.

So, when you’ve had a few too many alcoholic drinks, what are you like? Do you get superhuman powers, do you fall in love, fall asleep or do you become a walking, talking book of philosophy? Unfortunately for my friends, I am prone to do all 4 simultaneously!

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