1 pedalo and 10 teenagers defy the law of physics

Newton’s law of motion says:
Newton's Law of Motion??? Ok, physics was never one of my strong academic subjects, but I think in a nutshell Newton was trying to say: If there are 10 teenagers in a pedalo no matter what they do there is no way that they can upturn it.  swan pedaloSwan-bottoms-up-sizedSo, parents, don’t worry when your kids go to the beach alone, they will never ever be brought home in a police car because they have violated a big plastic floating swan.
And yet, for the second consecutive week I have seen teenagers bend the law of physics into submission by upturning a pedalo in the middle of the sea and then triumphantly dragging it to shore. All I can say is, the best way to teach physics is to go to the beach and always use practical evaluation. Perhaps, taking out life insurance might be useful as well.


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