Daylight Robbery

daylight robberyJimmy Choo WHO?
As many of you know I can’t stand shopping and the worst of the worst is shopping for clothes, shoes and accessories. Truth be told, I’d rather go to the dentist, eat the eye of a goat or pick up cow pat all day. Seriously, it’s such a pain in the buttocks but I didn’t realize that it could be such a pain on your bank account as well.

Last week someone directed me to the British high-fashion designer Jimmy Choo website and I couldn’t believe my eyes, a pair of black high-heels cost: €657.00 and although that’s daylight robbery in itself, unbelievably they are on sale! The price before the discount was €1,095.00. a robber

I’m sorry, but I’m sure if I searched hard enough on  I could buy a small island for the same price. Yes, daylight robbery; in my book when Jimmy Choo sells a pair of shoes a serious crime has been committed.

So, in your book, what things cost an arm and a leg, an even worse what is daylight robbery? Yes, I agree: ENDESA, they’re having a laugh at our expense!



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