April Fool 2014: Mini: The Cooper T

Mini Cooper TThe well-known British car manufacturer on April the 1st announced a new car: The Cooper T.

The Cooper T ( pronounced like Cuppa Tea, which means a Cup of tea) is the world’s first vehicle to be powered by a tea-leaf biofuel composite.

Apparently, it is available in a variety of colours including ‘Chamomile Yellow’, ‘Red Bush’ and ‘Earl Grey’.

Mini says “Capable of covering up to 40 miles on a single cup, Cooper T certainly isn’t what you’d call thirsty. It boasts all the standard features you would expect, such as VVT, ABS and DSC, but also benefits from DAT or Dunk Avoidance Technology.

dunk biscuit

The Brits love to dunk their biscuits in cups of tea

This ingenious filtration system stops peckish owners and opportunistic passers by from inserting biscuits into the Mini T’s fuel tank in order to moisten their snacks.”

Hilarious, but no, you can’t pull the wool over my eyes!


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