wine tastingWhen I was in my thirties I did some courses about tasting olive oil. In olive oil you only need to recognize some flavors and tastes. But, yesterday I went to a wine tasting event.

As you might know, when you taste a wine you have to evaluate at first the sight, second you have to smell it to detect the different flavours it could have and, third, you taste it. Of course, you have to be willing and eager in these events, and in deed I was.

Well, in this event we were about 25 people, and at the same time that the winemaker was explaining each step he was asking the participants what they were seeing, smelling and tasting. I know that in wine you can find thousand of flavours and tastes but yesterday I felt myself as if they were just pulling my leg.

At the same time as we were tasting the white wine and we were smelling it a woman said that the wine smelt of baked apples with cinnamon. OMG, I wondered, honestly, I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. I’m sorry, but the maximum I could smell was some herbs, fruit or perhaps some flowers because I think that white wine smells just of white wine, God willing!





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