Collocations – Phrasal Verbs – Word Transformations


Do you know the phrasal verb equivalents for the following:

  1. ‘to start laughing out loud’
  2. ‘to invent a story’
  3. ‘to act/feel superior to someone else’
  4. ‘to employ’
  5. ‘to continue happening for too long’

Do you know the various forms of the following words:

  1. ‘relax’
  2. ‘define’
  3. ‘live’
  4. ’embarass’
  5. ‘electric’

Finally, do you know the collocations for

  1. ‘to …….. the bus/train’ (leave/forget/miss/lose)
  2. ‘to …….. your own business’ (mind/keep/hold/save)
  3. ‘to …….. an offer’ (present/do/give/make)
  4. ‘a …….. holiday’ (parcel/packed/package/packet)
  5. ‘to …….. someone innocent/guilty ‘ (find/make/sentence/order)

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